Meeting • 12:00 PM Sun Sep 14 2014

Don’t let missing the first meeting of the season become one of your bitterest regrets years hence, when you sadly muse to yourself, “I wish I’d fed just one more squirrel…” Trust us—it happens! Instead, guard your intact sense of life purpose as if it were a hoard of winter nuts and join us on the front steps of Hatcher Graduate Library. Remember, a peanut of prevention is worth a pound of therapy!

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Kyle Plantz, “5 quirky college clubs” • 01:58 PM Mon Sep 08 2014

To paraphrase Sciuridae Clemens: The reports of our awesomeness are greatly understated. However, we shall refrain from quibbling about the letter(s) and focus our attention on the spirit of this aspiring piece.

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Chris Couch, “4 awesome campus clubs you've never heard of” • Fri Jul 18 2014

Although we scoff at the fantastical notion that somewhere, somebody has never heard of our Club, we applaud any publicity that so deservedly highlights our noble mission.

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Meeting • 04:00 PM Tue Apr 22 2014

Squirrel lovers unite—on the front steps of the Hatcher Graduate Library this Tuesday! Exams, what exams? Last call for peanuts before the semester ends!

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Meeting • 04:00 PM Sun Nov 03 2013

The forecast is chilly, but brisk temperatures won’t stop us from feeding the squirrels when they’re in dire need of calories! Join us on the front steps of Hatcher Graduate Library.

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